Congratulations to 100 Women Who Care Wilmot Councillors

Cheryl Gordijk, Jennifer Pfenning and Angie Hallman pose with Wonder Woman on Canada Day.

We congratulate 100 Women who Care Wilmot executive member Cheryl Gordijk on talking her place with two other women on the newly-elected Wilmot Township Council.

100 Women Who Care members Angie Hallman and Jenn Pfenning were also elected to Council in the 2018 October vote.

A warm congratulation to both Cheryl, Jenn and Angie.



Thinking Outside the 100 Women Box

Learning about the various charities that impact the lives of people living in Wilmot Township is only one of the benefits of 100 Women who Care Wilmot. And although there can only be one “winner” for each meeting, even the charities that fill the “runners-up” places can gain.

Such was the case at the August 2018 meeting. Presenting for the third time, the early literacy program Strong Start for Reading gained the most members’ votes, leaving the meeting with $10,000. But for one of the runners-up, K-W Habitation, it was also a windfall.

One member was so impressed with K-W “Hab’s” presentation, that she privately forwarded a cheque for $10,000 to support the organization’s community garden.

100 Women who Care Wilmot applaud this thinking “outside the box.”  We encourage members who hear a presentation on any given meeting, (whether it gains the most of members votes) and wish to give to that cause, to do so privately.

We encourage such initiative.   



Saluting our Junior Members

The 100 Women who Care Wilmot organization is unique in that since our inaugural meeting in August of 2016, we have recruited and welcomed 10 Junior members.

- Junior members are usually the daughter/niece/neighbour of an adult member.
- They hold the same privileges as adult members.
- Junior members usually fall into the age brackets of between Grade 5 to Grade 12.
- They are each entitled to vote to choose the charity selected to receive 100 Women donations.
- Junior members are encouraged to nominate charities to be considered for our support. Their nominations follow the same guidelines are adults.
- Where an adult member contributes $100 each meeting, the junior member’s share is $10.00 per meeting.
- Junior members learn the value of supporting their community and how they too can make a difference in the world in which they live.
Waterloo Region Reporter Valerie Hill will be attending our May 2019 to meet our Junior members as she will be writing an article celebrating these valued youth.



Announcing 100 Men of Wilmot Who Give a Damn

100 Men Who Give a Damn founder, Mark Murray, at our November 2018 meeting.

Mark Murray would like to announce the formal creation of the "100 Men of Wilmot Who Give a Damn". The organization will mirror the 100 Women Who Care: Wilmot, meaning that the men's organization will meet four times a year, each member will donate $100 at each meeting, and then $10,000 will be awarded to the non-profit organization selected by the majority of the members.

Puddicombe House has once again generously donated their facility to host our quarterly meetings and the John Bear GMC dealership in New Hamburg has agreed to be our first sponsor.

If anyone knows a man in their life that would be interested in becoming one of the 100 Men of Wilmot Who Give a Damn, please have them contact Mark Murray at or 905-693-5400.



November 2018

100 Women who Care Wilmot celebrated reaching our goal of 100 members at this meeting. With membership now around 110, as well as our Junior members, we are able to donate in the neighbourhood $11,000 to our worthy charities. Presentations from the Kitchener-Waterloo Sexual Assault Support Centre, the Bereaved Parents and St. Mary’s Hospital Women’s Cardiac Unit provided a varied evening. The K-W Sexual Assault Support Centre was our members’ choice.



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