About 100 Women Who Care Wilmot: Our Policies

Policy #1

After a charity receives the majority vote and 100 Women Who Care Wilmot's funding support, they cannot be nominated again for 3 years (12 meetings).

Policy #2

Members commit to donating 4 times per year, either in person, sending with a friend who is attending or by sending an e-transfer for $100.00 to our tresurer at The member’s name and mailing address should be included.

Policy #3

Those charities who present at a particular meeting and who are not selected by members’ vote go back into “the hat” and may be selected again to present at succeeding meetings.

Policy #4

Charities who have the opportunity to present at a general meeting of 100 Women who Care Wilmot have been selected “blindly” by a draw “from the hat.” Their names are pulled with at least two members of the 100 Women who Care Wilmot executive present. The draw takes place at least two weeks before the General Meeting.

Policy #5

100 Women members who fail to fulfill their donation obligations within a reasonable time may have their membership suspended. In that case, they lose their voting privileges.