Members of 100 Women Who Care Wilmot

From All Walks of Life

Our members come from all walks of life: teachers, medical professionals, business women, young moms caring for families at home, entrepreneurs, those in the service industry, as well as retired women.

We are one of the few 100 Women chapters who welcome junior members too. As such our ages range from elementary school age into high school, to respected seniors in their 80's.

Our members hail from all parts of Wilmot and Wellesley Townships: New Hamburg, Baden, St. Agatha, Wellesley, Petersburg, New Dundee and Mannheim. We welcome members from Kitchener-Waterloo too. Our smaller size suits some of these latter members. Bigger isn't always better!

No matter our age or hometown, we are united in the goal to make an impact on the lives of people living in Waterloo Region, specifically Wilmot and Wellesley Townships.