About 100 Women Who Care Wilmot: How It Works

How does it all work?

100 Women Who Care Wilmot is made up of approximately 100 registered women and youth in Wilmot and area who are committed to seeing their charitable efforts have a direct and immediate local impact. Every member who registers is committed to donating $400 a year ($100 each meeting) to a charity that is chosen by members. Over one year, 4 different charities will be chosen by vote to receive our collective funds.

All charity nominations to be considered by 100 Women who Care Wilmot are suggested by membership. Full members can nominate up to 2 charities per year. Members must be well-aware of the work/service provided by the charity they nominate and how it benefits the residents of Wilmot and immediate surrounding area.

How the charity selection works

At least 10 days before each meeting, 3 charities are drawn randomly by members of 100 Women Who Care Wilmot's Steering Committee. The nominator will then be contacted to determine who is going to "pitch" the charity at the upcoming meeting. Either the nominating member or a representative of the nominated charity may make the pitch.

Only 1 speaker is preferred  for each charity. That representative will prepare a short (5 minute) presentation giving information on the charity, how a donation will be used, and answer clarifying questions.

Members of 100 Women Who Care Wilmot will then vote for which of the 3 presenting charities that they wish to receive the funds.

After the vote is announced, and the charity that has received the highest number of votes is announced, each member will immediately produce a $100 cheque or cash made out to the charity that received the highest votes. This is collected by members of the steering committee and ultimately forwarded to the selected charity.

Members who are absent for the meeting and the vote are required in a timely fashion to forward their money to 100 Women Who Care Wilmot Treasurer Linda Chamberlain. Contact Linda at to make arrangements for the delivery.

100 members means $10,000 to the chosen charity – the more members, the more money to the charity.

How do I become a member of 100 Women Who Care Wilmot?

To become a member of 100 Women Who Care Wilmot, click here for our commitment form.

Can children get involved?

Yes! They're welcome to join and attend with an adult member. Their commitment is $10 each meeting.
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How many meetings am I required to attend?

We understand that occasionally holidays, illness or family commitments need to take precedence over a 100 Women Who Care Wilmot meeting. However it is hoped that as members will have committed to only 4 meetings per year, most members will be regular in their attendance. Even if absence from a meeting occurs, members are still obligated to forward their $100 to the chosen charity. It may be sent with a friend attending the meeting or forwarded to the Treasurer: Wanda Cakebread, 10 Garden Pl., New Hamburg ON N3A 2E6.

How do the charities get picked? Which charities are eligible?

There are certain criteria for a charity/not-for-profit to be nominated for support from 100 Women Who Care Wilmot.

  1. Nominated charities/organizations must be willing and able to give a tax receipt to the individual donor.
  2. Wilmot Township charities are the group's primary focus (New Hamburg, Baden, New Dundee, Wellesley, Mannheim, St. Agatha, Petersburg and Philipsburg). National and international charities - e.g. Mennonite Central Committee, World Wildlife Federation - will not be eligible for voting.
  3. Charities not based in Wilmot but in the larger geographic area - Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge etc. - are eligible for 100 Women Who Care Wilmot support. However they must  have a significant impact on residents of the Township i.e. the reading program "Strong Start" or the "Nutrition for Learning" school program (both being offered in Wilmot schools).
  4. 100 Women Who Care Wilmot encourages Arts groups (live theatre, dance companies, choirs, etc.), as well as sports groups to apply if they can provide a charitable receipt.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes! Tax receipts will be forwarded by the selected charity to each member individually. Income tax receipts will be issued before the end of the calendar year.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely, the more the merrier; the more members the bigger the charitable support. Your friend is under no obligation to join. By the end of the meeting, she'll want to though! Your friend cannot vote until she becomes a member by completing a Members Commitment form.