Kids Who Care Wilmot

How does this work?
  • Junior members attend and commit to 4 meetings per year—a time commitment of 4 hours total.
  • Each child donates $10 per meeting to the charity selected at each meeting.
  • 100% of their donation is given to charity.
  • Kids Who Care Wilmot members are eligible to nominate a charity-- the same as adult members.
  • If their charity is chosen to present to the general meeting, they will give a 1 minute introduction before the charity representative speaks. "Mom's" assistance is allowed but the parent cannot give the pitch in place of her daughter.
  • Junior members have full voting rights.
  • While there is no minimum age to join, junior members who have reached Grade 5 seem appropriate.

What do kids get out of this?

They learn the spirit of giving at a young age. They learn the importance of giving back to the community. They learn that you don't have to be wealthy to give. They will meet new friends and strengthen the bonds of existing friendships. They learn a democratic approach to decision making. They learn that giving is FUN!